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Gaming Ecosystem

Multi-gaming platform where users can play and explore multiple games based on their preference.

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Yield Farming

Staking Eloin tokens on our platform can be beneficial in two-folds viz. Staking Rewards & IDO Participation.

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NFT MemeVerse

A NFT meme platform where users can Mint & Trade meme NFTs and thus creating a meme NFT universe.

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Launchpad, AI ChatBot

LeoCorn launchpad, part of Eloin ecosystem, utilizes AI technology to enhance IDO efficiency for users and projects.

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About Us

Powered by zkSync & BSC

Eloin is a part of booming meme coin era with a vision of Utility as well as Community. Therefore, Eloin is both Utility & Community-driven token. The duo of these two would act as a catalyst for the overall ecosystem and token growth.

The final question, Is 1000x incoming ? You tell or the Time will tell itself !

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Eloin Ludo

World’s First Ludo Game on Blockchain

In the recent years, play-to-earn gaming model has seen a booming growth in crypto industry. More and more gamers are joining in and earning extra passive income which the conventional gaming model do not provide. The play-to-earn model is again set to expand in the coming years as per analysts.

Holding meme tokens wouldn’t be a risky call if these features are utilised and community expansion takes place. Hence, we have a clear vision of executing with the duo of Utility & Community, however they are already interlinked with each other.


Create a meme, win the jest!

& the Legacy Continues !

Join the Eloin Token Meme Contest and Win Big! 🎉 Create Hilarious Memes, Showcase Your Wit, and Earn Eloin Tokens! #EloinMemeContest

Theme Flexibility

Unleash your creativity with Eloin Token's Meme Contest! Whether it's humor, satire, or a clever play on crypto trends, the theme is yours to interpret.

Eloin Rewards

Win big with Eloin Tokens! The top meme creators will be rewarded with a generous amount of Eloin Tokens, giving you a chance to be part of this exciting crypto journey.

Community Engagement

Join a vibrant community of meme enthusiasts and crypto lovers. Share, laugh, and connect with like-minded individuals as you participate in the Eloin Token Meme Contest.

Eloin Token

Eloin Can Be Next Shiba Inu or Bonk Inu

The meme market has given massive gains to investors. But the question in everyone’s mind is which is the next Shiba ? Or Next Bonk ? The answer is yet to be decoded.

The Bonk had something unique as Solana chain, also the Coq had something unique as Avax Chain. Likewise, Eloin has many of unique stuffs such as zKsync chain and other core functionalities which would sustain in a long run.

-- -- BTC
-- -- ETH
-- -- BNB
-- -- Eloin
Total supply

1 trillion (new)

Fully Diluted cap

-- --

Total Holders








Token Details

Total Supply: 1 Trillion

Token Ticker : ELOIN

22% IDO

Others vs Eloin

Why to choose Eloin ?

The question would be why to not choose Eloin if you were familiar with the usecase.

Apart from investing in $Eloin token, you can stakes and earn APY rewards as well as participate in project launch program.

Eloin is Deflationary in nature, that is, with every Transaction the circulating supply of Eloin token will reduce. 2% fee is distributed back to Liquidity Pool & Holders.

Eloin will go multi-chain with zKsync & BSC blockchain which would suffice the demand of the market.

Eloin Meme Token

Progressive RoadMap

  • 2023

    Idea Generation

    Relaunch of Eloin a meme token to Eloin 2.0

  • 2024

    New Destiny

    New Website, New EloinPaper and New RoadMap

  • 2024

    Token Relaunch with reduced supply, Eloin Game Release, Leocorn upgrade with KYC functions, Ambassador Program.

  • 2024

    Memeverse Platform(testnet), Leocorn zKsync Era(testnet), CEX Listing, Token Airdrop.

  • 2024

    Eloin Mini Games(testnet), Memeverse Platform(mainnet), Leocorn multi-chain, NFT Airdrop.

  • 2024

    Eloin Mini Games(mainnet), Ai Chat bot integrationinto NFT platform.


Project Details

Support Center

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Token

Eloin is first Lion themed token where project aim is to develop useful dapps that help crypto community .

The new token contract address will be released during token relaunch. Initially on Binance Smart Chain and then on zKsync Era.

Eloin liquidity will be locked and Eloin aims to develop products that help crypto community, and also bring new people to crypto.

Total supply is 1 Trillion $ELOIN.
You can buy Eloin token on Pancakeswap once it’s relaunched.

Investing in $ELOIN token doesn’t guarantee a financial gain. Crypto market is highly volatile and one should do risk management prior to investment.

Tax fee is 5%. The distribution of Tax fee are as follows- Burn (1%), Liquidity (2%), PlaytoEarn (2%). The slippage is 5%-6% .


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